Example Use Case

Scenario: Launch of "Global News" Media Token (GNEWS)

  1. Token Issuance

    • A news publisher, "Global News," issues its own branded token, "GNEWS."

  2. Utility and Engagement

    • Exclusive Content: GNEWS token holders can access premium articles, participate in exclusive Q&A sessions, and join private forums.

    • Voting: GNEWS token holders can vote on the topics they want to see covered or participate in editorial decisions.

  3. Staking and Rewards

    • Users stake GNEWS tokens to earn additional rewards, such as higher content engagement rates and special event access.

  4. Monetization

    • Global News offers an initial token sale to raise funds for expanding their investigative journalism team.

  5. Airdrop Eligibility:

    • Criteria: $NEWS holders with a minimum of 1,000,000 $NEWS tokens and who have participated in governance votes and qualify for eligibility requirements.

    • Airdrop Amount: A percentage of GNEWS tokens distributed proportionally to eligible $NEWS holders.

  6. Engagement and Benefits:

    • Exclusive Access: $NEWS holders who receive GNEWS tokens can access exclusive content and participate in polls and decision-making for Global News.

    • Additional Rewards: GNEWS token holders can stake their tokens to earn additional $NEWS and GNEWS tokens as rewards.

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