Example Use Case

Example Scenario: EnergyToken

  • Publishing the Article:

    • Journalist Jane Doe publishes "Groundbreaking Discovery in Renewable Energy."

    • Creates "EnergyToken" with an initial supply of 1,000,000 tokens.

  • Token Pricing with Bonding Curve:

    • Initial price: 𝑃(1)=0.011=0.01𝑃(1)=0.01⋅1=0.01 $NEWS

    • Price at 500 tokens: 𝑃(500)=0.01500=5𝑃(500)=0.01⋅500=5 $NEWS

    • Price at 1,000 tokens: 𝑃(1000)=0.011000=10𝑃(1000)=0.01⋅1000=10 $NEWS

  • Reader Engagement and Rewards:

    • Readers purchase EnergyTokens to support the article.

    • Readers earn additional $NEWS tokens by engaging with the article.

  • Revenue Distribution:

    • Jane and The Daily Chronicle receive a portion of the revenue.

    • Readers earn staking rewards and additional $NEWS tokens.

  • Threshold, Burning, and Liquidity:

    • Market cap of EnergyToken reaches $100,000.

    • 20% of unsold EnergyTokens are burned.

    • 20% of the funds raised are used to provide liquidity on a DEX, facilitating continuous trading.

  • Trading and Profit:

    • Readers trade EnergyTokens on the DEX.

    • Early buyers benefit from lower initial prices and potential price appreciation.

  • Security and Governance:

    • Jane’s identity is verified via DID.

    • Smart contracts are audited.

    • Token holders participate in governance.

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