Tier and Scoring System

To incentivize participation and reward loyal $NEWS token holders, PUBLISH 2.0 introduces a tiered model and scoring system. This system ensures that contributors are fairly rewarded based on their level of engagement, token holdings, and activity within the ecosystem.

Tier Model

The tier model consists of five levels, each offering progressively better rewards and benefits. The tiers are determined by the number of $NEWS tokens held and the holder’s activity score.

  1. 'Reader' Tier:

    • Requirements: Hold 100,000 - 1,000,000 $NEWS tokens and predefined activity score

    • Benefits:

      • Basic staking rewards

      • Access to standard content

  2. 'Follower' Tier:

    • Requirements: Hold 1,000,001 - 5,000,000 $NEWS tokens and predefined activity score

    • Benefits:

      • Enhanced staking rewards

      • Priority support and feedback channels

      • Participation in advanced governance votes

  3. 'Enthusiast' Tier:

    • Requirements: Hold 5,000,001 - 20,000,000 $NEWS tokens and predefined activity score

    • Benefits:

      • Higher staking rewards

      • Early access to new features and beta testing

      • Invitations to exclusive events

      • Participation in basic governance votes

  4. 'Connoisseur' Tier:

    • Requirements: Hold 20,000,001 - 100,000,000 $NEWS tokens and predefined activity score

    • Benefits:

      • Premium staking rewards

      • Access to exclusive content and features

      • Personalized support

      • Ability to propose and sponsor governance proposals

  5. 'Mogul' Tier:

    • Requirements: Hold over 100,000,000 $NEWS tokens and predefined activity score

    • Benefits:

      • Maximum staking rewards

      • VIP access to all events and features

      • Direct communication channel with the development team

      • Major influence in governance decisions

Scoring System

The scoring system will evaluate participants based on their activities, contributions, and engagement within the PUBLISH 2.0 ecosystem. Scores are used to determine tier status and reward distribution.

  1. Activity Score:

    • Content Creation: Points for publishing articles, videos, and other content.

    • Engagement: Points for likes, comments, shares, and other forms of interaction.

    • Curation: Points for curating content, including upvoting and downvoting.

  2. Participation Score:

    • Staking: Points for staking $NEWS tokens over time.

    • Voting: Points for participating in governance votes and discussions.

    • Proposal Submission: Additional points for submitting valuable proposals.

  3. Contribution Score:

    • Development Contributions: Points for contributing code, reporting bugs, and suggesting improvements.

    • Community Support: Points for helping other users, moderating forums, and organizing events.

Reward Mechanisms

  1. Staking Rewards:

    • Tier-Based Rewards: Higher tiers receive greater staking rewards.

    • Time-Based Rewards: Additional rewards for long-term staking commitments.

  2. Engagement Rewards:

    • Content Rewards: Tokens rewarded based on content popularity and quality.

    • Curation Rewards: Tokens rewarded for effective content curation and moderation.

  3. Governance Rewards:

    • Voting Rewards: Tokens rewarded for active participation in governance votes.

    • Proposal Rewards: Tokens rewarded for successful proposal submissions.

  4. Special Bonuses:

    • Milestone Bonuses: Extra rewards for reaching specific milestones (e.g., holding tokens for a year).

    • Referral Bonuses: Tokens rewarded for referring new users to the platform.

The tier model and scoring system for PUBLISH 2.0 are designed to incentivize participation, reward loyalty, and ensure fair distribution of rewards. By recognizing and rewarding contributions across various activities, PUBLISH 2.0 aims to build a vibrant and engaged community that supports the platform’s growth and sustainability.

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