Token Allocation

PUBLISH 2.0’s tokenomics was revised and designed to ensure the sustainability, utility, and growth of the $NEWS token within the ecosystem. The total supply of $NEWS tokens is fixed at 10 billion, distributed across various essential functions to drive platform development, user engagement, and market stability.

To align with the enhanced features and strategic goals of PUBLISH 2.0, the token distribution is as follows:

1. Token Sale (20%)

  • Allocation: 2 billion $NEWS tokens

  • Purpose: To attract investors and enhance market liquidity.

  • Usage: Tokens sold during to raise funds for the platform development and growth.

2. Strategic Partners (10%)

  • Allocation: 1 billion $NEWS tokens

  • Purpose: To support strategic partnerships.

  • Usage: Tokens allocated to strategic partnerships crucial for ecosystem expansion.

3. Stability Reserve (10%)

  • Allocation: 1 billion $NEWS tokens

  • Purpose: To ensure long-term sustainability and address unforeseen needs.

  • Usage: Tokens held in reserve for future use.

4. Engagement Pool (20%)

  • Allocation: 2 billion $NEWS tokens

  • Purpose: To reward user participation in various activities, staking, and to provide liquidity.

  • Usage: Distributed as rewards for high-quality content creation, engagement, curation activities, staking rewards, and to ensure liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

5. Development Fund (20%)

  • Allocation: 2 billion $NEWS tokens

  • Purpose: To support company operations, including development, marketing, and other expenses.

  • Usage: Gradually released based on operational needs.

6. Governance Fund (10%)

  • Allocation: 1 billion $NEWS tokens

  • Purpose: To encourage active participation in decentralized governance and community-driven initiatives.

  • Usage: Tokens allocated for governance can be staked to vote on key proposals and platform changes.

7. Market Stabilization Fund (10%)

  • Allocation: 1 billion $NEWS tokens

  • Purpose: To manage market volatility and ensure long-term price stability.

  • Usage: Tokens will be used strategically to support the token’s market price during periods of high volatility.

Summary of Key Changes

See PUBLISH 1.0 Token Allocation

  1. Token Sale:

    • PUBLISH 1.0: 30%

    • PUBLISH 2.0: 20%

    • Change: Reduced by 10% to reallocate more tokens towards user and community incentives, emphasizing a more balanced approach to initial funding and ongoing engagement.

  2. Incentive/Engagement Pool:

    • PUBLISH 1.0: 10% (Reward & Swap Pool)

    • PUBLISH 2.0: 20% (Engagement Pool)

    • Change: Increased by 20% to combine the original Incentive and Staking pools, creating a larger, more flexible pool for rewarding user participation, content creation, staking, and liquidity provision.

  3. Development Fund:

    • PUBLISH 1.0: 40% (consolidating 15% PUBLISH, Inc. and 25% Team)

    • PUBLISH 2.0: 20% (Development Fund)

    • Change: Reduced by 20% to allocate more tokens to community-driven incentives and staking rewards, reflecting a shift towards a more decentralized and community-focused approach.

  4. Governance Fund:

    • PUBLISH 1.0: Not specified

    • PUBLISH 2.0: 10% (Governance Fund)

    • Change: Newly allocated to promote active governance and community engagement, fostering a decentralized decision-making process.

  5. Market Stabilization Fund:

    • PUBLISH 1.0: Not specified

    • PUBLISH 2.0: 10% (Market Stabilization Fund)

    • Change: Newly allocated to manage market volatility and ensure long-term price stability, protecting the token’s value during periods of high volatility.

Key Objectives of Changes

  • Enhanced User and Community Incentives: By increasing the Engagement Pool and specifying Governance Fund allocations, PUBLISH 2.0 aims to enhance user engagement and participation, promoting a more vibrant and active community.

  • Balanced Development and Operations: Reducing the allocation to PUBLISH, Inc. and combining it into the Development Fund reflects a shift towards supporting operational needs while prioritizing community-driven growth.

  • Market Stability: Introducing the Market Stabilization Fund aims to protect against market volatility, ensuring long-term token value stability and sustainable ecosystem growth.

  • Focused Funding: A reduced token sale allocation focuses on generating necessary funds while prioritizing long-term ecosystem growth through user and community incentives.

Demand Measures

To ensure robust demand and utility for $NEWS tokens, PUBLISH 2.0 incorporates several key measures:

  • Access to Premium Content: Users need $NEWS tokens to access premium articles, reports, and exclusive content, driving continuous demand.

  • Tipping and Rewards: Readers tip content creators with $NEWS tokens and earn incentives for engagement, fostering token circulation.

  • Staking and Yield Farming: Users can stake $NEWS tokens to earn rewards, reducing supply and creating demand.

  • Governance Participation: $NEWS holders vote on key platform decisions, incentivizing token holding for governance rights.

  • Advertising Payments: Advertisers use $NEWS tokens for ad placements, ensuring steady demand from advertisers.

  • Transaction Fees: Fees for platform activities are paid in $NEWS tokens, with a portion burned, reducing supply and increasing demand.

  • Vouchers: Earned through activities and redeemable for tipping, vouchers must be claimed within a specified period, creating urgency and demand.

  • News-Based Tokens: Users purchase news-based tokens with $NEWS tokens, adding a unique investment and engagement method.

Sustainable Measures

  • Periodic Token Burns: A portion of transaction fees and other revenues will be burned to reduce the total supply.

  • Dynamic Supply Adjustments: Issuance rates adjusted based on economic indicators and platform growth.

  • Market Stabilization Fund: Utilized to manage market volatility and ensure price stability.

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